I Think The Birds Just Scored Again….O’s Dismantle Yanks, 11-3. Machado Hurt.

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The Run Down

What more can we say about this team and their offense during this current home stand?  The Orioles have been destroying opponents, having scored 36 runs in their last four games, all while bashing 12 home runs in the process.  Tonight, the power parade was started by Chris Davis, who put the O’s ahead in the fifth with a two-run blast.  Davis didn’t start, he entered the game at third base for Manny Machado, who sprained his knee while swinging the bat on broken bat grounder to Derek Jeter in the third inning.  (More on that later.) Davis seems to do well at the plate when not starting.  He’s got a walk-off pinch home run to his credit this season and he notched two hits tonight, including the go-ahead dong, while coming off the pine.  Too bad this isn’t basketball, he’s like Rickey Pierce.  Remember him?  Instant offense off the splinter seat…..

Alright, back to baseball.   The O’s got the offense started a little late, the Davis go ahead homer was in the fifth, and the onslaught wouldn’t continue until the seventh and eighth innings.  But that’s even more fun and dramatic, isn’t it, especially against the Evil Empire and their minion of obnoxious and assholish fans.

And when the onslaught came it felt like it wouldn’t stop.  Nelson Cruz blasted a two run shot in the seventh that hasn’t landed yet, and Jonathan Schoop added an Earl Weaver for good measure in the eighth.  This O’s offense is simply a buzzsaw right now.  I almost felt sorry for the tired-ass looking group of relief pitchers that Joe Girardi kept wheeling out to the bump, they simply had no fucking chance.  (I said almost. was that a Rich Hill sighting?)

Meanwhile, Bud Norris battled for five innings to get the win.  Bud gave up three earned on five hits and a walk.  He also struck out five.  TheO’s  botched a run down in the second that allowed Carlos Beltran and Chase Headley to score.   It was truly hideous, Headley scored while stealing second.  True story.  If not for that defensive disaster, Norris may have escaped with just allowing one run.  But, it didn’t matter, the O’s got the boom sticks out and erased all memory of the run-down mess. Norris is now 6-1 vs the American League east this year.

Other Game Notes

The best player on the team, Adam Jones, went 3-5 with a double and two RBIs.

Markakis, Davis, Cruz, and Schoop all notched two hits.

Jonathan Schoop hit his first career Camden Yards home run.  He got the pie.  It was some of Jones’ best work of the season.

The setup:

and the execution:


The word is that Manny Machado has a sprained knee.  More tests to follow.  The fact that he hurt it while swinging the bat has got to be concerning for the Birds, Manny, and the fans.  Let’s hope it is just a sprain.

Next Up For The O’s

Same time, same place on Tuesday.

Green (3-1) vs Chen (12-4)


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