I Think I May Have Just Eaten The Tastiest Potato Chip On The Planet

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Somehow my travels took me to Seaford, Delaware, which is a small town located in lower, slower Delaware.  In this small town is a bagel café and deli called Davelli’s.  They’ve got some kick-ass bagels, if you’re ever in Seaford, and they also make a high quality sandwich.  I stopped in there for one of those high quality sammies and, at the recommendation of the folks working at Davelli’s, I grabbed a bag of Zapp’s Voodoo Flavored Kettle Style Potato Chips.


These chips are unreal.  Tangy, sweet, and crunchy all mixed together.  It’s a completely unique flavor, but it will remind you of several different other flavors as you eat it.  I thought of old bay fries with vinegar in one bite, I thought of sweet bar-b-que in another, and I swear I detected some sort of hot pepper concoction in the next bite.  Maybe that’s why they call ’em Voodoo chips- they feel familiar, but are also oddly mysterious.

zapps two

I highly recommend this chip.

Zapp’s is based out of New Orleans and I honestly have no idea where else to get them.  It’s completely random that I even found them in the little podunk town of Seaford. I know you can order them online for delivery.  If anybody knows where to find them local, give us a shout.

Find ’em and enjoy, babes.



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  1. Been eating them since a friend from NOLA introduced them to me.
    P.S. Rosina Gourmet on the Square in Canton carries them.

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