I Legitimately Think Odell Beckham Jr’s Catch Was The Best Of All Time

Sports and Bets — November 23, 2014 at 9:46 pm by

I don’t even know why I included the video in this post, because you’re going to see it close to 1,000 times by the morning. The more I watch it though, the more I truly believe I’ve never seen a better catch. The fact that he held on to that ball with one hand reaching far behind his head, while maintaining the perfect body control to stay in bounds after being interfered with by a defender is absolutely insane. Everyone’s seen highlight videos of Beckham’s phenomenal hands, but this was next level. There’s going to be a bunch of old timers that seem to think that because this catch didn’t happen “back in the day” that it can’t be the best ever. They’re wrong. This was the best catch ever.

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