I Hate This Front Office

Sports and Bets — July 18, 2018 at 3:22 am by


It’s all but a done deal that Manny is going to the Dodgers for a package of minor league talent, featuring OF Yusniel Diaz, who scouts are calling a stud. It sounds like the Orioles are getting back a great haul for Manny.



Trading Manny was the right move given the circumstances. But the problem is that the Orioles put themselves in this circumstance. They haven’t talked to Manny about an extension in three years. Manny’s a future hall of famer, and the orioles had zero motivation to sign him long term. And that just sucks.

Fuck off to the entire ownership and front office. You took the best Oriole well ever see in our lifetime away from us after making us suffer through fourteen bull shit years of losing. Manny was everything to this team, and losing him hurts so fucking bad.




I hate that this day is finally here. We knew it was only a matter of time, but damn it hurts.



If this doesnt bring bring a tear to your eye you’re not human.






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