I Guess We Need To Address This Sorority Rant

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She will "cunt punt" you if you fuck up.

She will “cunt punt” you if you fuck up.

By now most of you have probably heard of the ranting email that was sent out by a Delta Gamma sorority chick named Rebecca Martinson at the University of Maryland.  Apparently she wasn’t too happy about the sorry- ass chicks in her own sorority and their lame  attitudes.  The rant shows everything that is fucked up about sororities and their incredibly ridiculous attempts to stay socially relevant.  However, there is also something  amazing about the rant too.  This bitch is nuts, but god-dammit, if her attitude and anger could permeate over to Maryland’s football team, maybe they wouldn’t fucking suck so bad.  Maybe, just maybe, the men’s basketball team would grow a pair if  Rebecca was team -fucking- captain.  NIT, fuck that, I have no doubt that if  Rebecca had been in charge this team would have crushed the NCAA’s last year.  She also deserves some credit for her motivational writing skills. Ms. Martinson is an incredibly gifted cusser, she weaves the word fuck into the fabric of her email effortlessly.  I mean she has introduced myself, and the world, to the term “cunt-punt”, it doesn’t get much more vulgar and fantastic than that.  So don’t be too hard on Rebecca Martinson, cruel world, she just wants her college friends to stop being  sober, lame, cock-blocking losers.

Here is Rebecca Martinson’s rant as read by actor Michael Shannon.  The comic geniuses at www.funnyordie.com put this together. It is hilarious.


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