I Don’t Mean To Spoil The Ending For You, But This Is Exactly How The Tournament Will Pan Out, According To Me

Sports and Bets — March 19, 2015 at 12:05 pm by

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This right here is my bracket, and I’m putting it out there so I can hear how stupid I am when I don’t get every single pick right. Kentucky taking down Iowa State for the championship. You heard it here.


Suck. A. Dick. Iowa State.

PS- Let me defend my Iowa State pick here. I picked them to come out of their bracket because you can’t trust Duke in the tournament (lost to Mercer in the first round last year), Gonzaga is rated high seemingly every year, and has never made it deep in the tourney, and Georgetown as a four seed might be the biggest joke of the tournament. I had Nova advancing in the East region, and I think head-to-head Iowa State would have had a good chance to win that matchup, therefore, putting them in the championship game. Besides, everyone knows UAB is a national powerhouse……

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  1. Jesus you’re a backtracking stooge. ISU is an utterly indefensible pick.

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