I Don’t Hate A-Rod Because He Took Steroids, I Hate A-Rod Because He’s A Yankee

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I have to start this off by saying honestly, I don’t hate Alex Rodriguez as much as most Oriole fans do. And I probably don’t hate the Yankees as much as most Oriole fans do. I have so much hate built up in my blood for the Red Sox that I don’t know if there’s enough left for the Yankees.

But it gets to me that a lot of Baltimore claims to hate A-Rod so much because he took steroids, cheated the game, and lied about it, and these people are pretending none of their sports heroes have ever done anything wrong. I’m calling bull shit. How many people in Baltimore genuinely hate Ryan Braun? Or Dee Gordon? Or Mark McGwire?

It seems like the players with potential PED ties that we hate most over the years have been A-Rod, Manny Ramirez, Roger Clemens, and David Ortiz. What do all those players have in common? They’ve all played in Boston or New York.

Even though I don’t hate A-rod as much as most, I certainly can’t blame anyone for hating him. But admit why you’re hating him. He played for the Yankees, he helped bring a World Series title to New York, and he’s been a thorn in Baltimore’s side for over a decade.



PS- Jeter’s the exception to the rule, the guy’s just way too likable.


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