I Can’t Get Enough Of Johnny Manziel, And You Shouldn’t Be Able To Either

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Whether you love or hate Johnny Manziel, there’s no doubt you can’t stop watching him. This is partially because he’s one of the most polarizing figures in sports, but mainly it’s because ESPN won’t get off his dick. But ESPN’s going to cover the stories that sell, and Johnny Football sells baby. He takes a lot of criticism for everything he does, and all that the big networks are talking about today is his middle finger flip to the Redskins’ bench last night (clearly he hasn’t done anything on the field worthy of taking note of). Many will say that he deserves all the criticism he gets, and there’s legitimate reason behind that argument. Then there are those who like the way he plays, as well as what he does off the field, and I’m one of them.

Look, I don’t give a flying fuck if Manziel has a good career, and I guess I hope he doesn’t, seeing that he’s playing for our division rival. All I’m here to do is argue that he’s the fucking man.


For a few minutes, let’s pretend Manziel doesn’t play for our rival Browns, and let’s be realistic about why people hate him. Everyone points to things like flipping the middle finger, signing autographs for money, and partying hard in Vegas for reasons why they hate him (who goes to Vegas and doesn’t party hard?). Those aren’t legitimate reasons, and they’re not why people hate him. They hate him because he’s cocky as fuck. He flashes money signs in the air after a touchdown, just to remind everyone that he has more money than them. I totally get why people hate him. I started out as a naysayer, but he’s won me over. Tell the world you’re better than them Johnny, and say it like you mean it.

I actually think how highly Manziel thinks of himself is pretty funny. He was a great college quarterback, and is getting a rude awakening in his first weeks transitioning into the NFL. I know Johnny Football isn’t the greatest human being on earth, but he sure doesn’t know that, and I kind of give him props for it. It’s the same mindset that Joe Flacco had when he told reporters he was the best quarterback in the NFL before his incredible Super Bowl year. People thought he was crazy, but he believed it, and it helped him play better. Manziel believes he’s the man, and now he gets to hang out with Drake and 2 Chainz.


To be clear, I don’t for one second want him as the quarterback on my team. I just love watching him play football, and I love watching the train wreck that he’s become off the field. His antics don’t affect my franchise, so why should I get bothered if he shows up late to a meeting or gets caught with a rolled up dollar bill in a public bathroom? All I want is more Johnny Football.

I mean, does this look like the face of a guy who gives a fuck about what you have to say about him?manziel-face-640x349

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