I Bought Some Hybrid Shorts. Regular Shorts Are Now Unwearable.

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If you have done any clothes shopping at a surf shop, you have probably seen hybrid shorts.  And if you have seen these shorts you probably asked yourself, “what the hell are hybrid shorts?”.   But then you probably got distracted by some smoldering surfer-chick or realized that flip-flops were on sale and then you probably didn’t bother looking at the shorts to find out what in the hell they were.  Well, I was at a surf shop in Ocean City, K-Coast Surf Shop to be exact, and I did bother looking at the hybrid shorts.  (I was with my wizza and flip-flops were full price.  And actually it was my wizza who pointed out the shorts.) Friends let me tell you, taking that one look at those hybrid shorts was a life changing experience.


The hybrid short is a pair of shorts that looks like regular khaki or cotton shorts.  But the difference is that hybrid shorts are made out of the material that is used to make board shorts.  You know, the shorts that surfers wear when surfing and the shorts that most of us wear swimming these days. This means that the light weight and soft comfort of a board short is now available with a button, a zipper, and a look that can go anywhere. It’s a brilliant idea and the only thing that pisses me off about it is that I didn’t think of it first.

No short you are currently wearing is more comfortable than these hybrids.  They aren’t heavy like khaki or cargo shorts and the material feels great.  Plus, these shorts keep you cooler than regular shorts because they are so light and thin.  The fabric also gives and stretches so it doesn’t feel like you’re cutting off your blood circulation if you bend down or crouch.  (This last point is especially important for fat bastards and for dudes who like to randomly get down in a three-point-stance to demonstrate pass rushing techniques when they’re hammered.)

Another great thing about these shorts is that they are water ready.  So if you suddenly feel like taking a dip in the ocean or feel like pool-hopping in your neighbor’s four-foot above ground tank, you’re prepared.  And after you get out, or get chased out, of the water you’ll dry off a lot quicker with the board short technology.

They are great for a day at the pool bar, too.  Ah, the summertime luxury, babes.

So trust the Seabass and go get your self a pair of hybrid shorts.  Mine are Billabong brand and they’re awesome, but O’Neill, Quiksilver, Volcom, RVCA, and all the other major surf apparel brands design and sell them as well. All of these companies offer several different styles and designs to choose from.

I will admit, there are a few negatives in regards to the hybrids, though.  One is that they are a little pricey ($55 seems to be the average price for a pair), but hey, they are worth every penny.

The other negative about the hybrids is that if you are a husky fella, they may make a swooshing sound at times.  Like Costanza’s suit….

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