I Almost Feel Bad For Laughing At This Jogger Being Chased By An Elk…

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I almost felt bad for laughing at this, but then I realized this jogger 100% put himself in this situation. This video was shot in Colorado, where I’m sure running past an elk is a common thing, but a wild animal is a wildcard. Sipping on some water one second, chasing down your family dog the next. According to the YouTube description, this was recorded during elk calving season. In other words, unless you want to get eaten, stay the hell away from the elk babies. Only concerned about meeting his Fitbit quota, this slapdick ignored all reasonable thinking.

YouTube This was recorded during elk calving season at Evergreen Lake. There were calves nearby on the island so the cows were in protective mode.

PS It is mind boggling that not one dog flipped its shit the second they saw this hairy beast.

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