I Absolutely LOVE The One-Game Wild Card Playoff

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I’ve heard a lot from fellow fans lately about how they hate the one-game Wild Card Playoff. The big argument against it is that baseball games are always played in series, not just one game. Anything can happen in one game, and you don’t always get the best team coming out on top, especially because the staffs’ aces aren’t always going to pitch.

I however feel the exact opposite. I love the one game scenario. First of all, it places a much bigger emphasis on winning your division. The Red Sox have a much easier path to winning a World Series than the Blue Jays or Orioles do. And they’ve earned it, since they had a better regular season record and won the division. In the old wild card format, there was virtually no advantage to winning your division as opposed to a wild card.

I also love the win or go home mentality. It’s the most exciting thing in sports. As a wild card team, you should have to prove yourself worthy to continue on in the playoffs. That’s exactly what a one game playoff does.

It’s a big disadvantage to be a wild card team as opposed to a division winner. And that’s how it should be.

I think ideally Major League Baseball would rather have a three game series. But realistically that’s not possible, considering the division winners would have to wait a week to play their first game. So just enjoy the Wild Card game, because there’s nothing like it in baseball, and it’s about as exciting as it gets.



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