Hunter Finds Naked Man Lost In The Creek Four Days After Festival

Entertainment — October 9, 2014 at 10:56 am by

Does this mean that this guy had a fantastic time? A hunter was on his property in Georgia, when he spotted a naked dude walking through the creek. Come to find out, this guy was at TomorrowWorld (festival) four days prior.

I showed up to my stand to bow hunt on Thursday October the 2nd and hear someone yell. I looked down to find a man standing in the creek holding a walking stick with not a stitch of clothing on him. Claimed he had been beaten up by some guys at Tommorwworld then dropped in the woods after they stripped him of everything. He spent days trying to find water and then he stuck to the creek once he found it. He recalled his number and I got in touch with somebody to come get him after I led him to the road. By far the craziest hunting story I will ever have!

He got beat up? No chance, he was stoned off his gourd when he decided to do some hula hooping. Naked. One thing led to another, and he ends up lost in the woods. Naked and afraid, just a man and his hula hoop. One day you are feeling the music, and the next thing you know you’re foraging for moss in the creek.

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