How Much Do We Hate The Patriots?

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Here in Baltimore, we always have a chip on our shoulder. And I love that about us. And if there’s one thing we know how to do around here, it’s hate another sports franchise. And since the Ravens are going against the Patriots on Monday Night Football tonight, it’s a good time to rank in order how much I hate everyone else, because nothing gets my blood boiling like a little Ravens-Patriots in prime time.



8. New York Yankees- I have the Yankees a lot lower than probably most people around here. When comparing the Yankees to the Red Sox, the enemy of my enemy is my friend right? Not that the Yankees are my friend, but the Red Sox are most certainly my enemy. I’ll root for the Yankees all day over Boston.

7. Boston Celtics– Do I give a shit about the NBA? Not really, but I hate any team from Boston. Group the Bruins in here too.

6. Duke– Coach K for some reason gets a pass for being a total dick. I lost any amount of respect I had for him when he sat there crying that the Terps left the ACC and said he’d never schedule us again. Cry baby.

5. Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals’ defense has some of the most scum bag guys in the NFL on it.

4. Toronto Blue Jays- This one’s a newer hatred, but it came on strong and quick when the city of Toronto found out they have a baseball team back in mid July of 2015. From Bautista pretending he’s a hard ass and not wanting to actually fight anyone, to Josh Donaldson being the biggest tool in sports, to a fan throwing a beer at my boy Hyun-Soo Kim, it’s easy to hate the Blue Jays.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- The Ravens and Steelers have had their battles on the field, and unlike a certain franchise in Foxborough, I think most fans have respect for the Steelers. But we can still hate the living shit out of them.

2. New England Patriots- The definition of a “holier than thou” organization, Patriots fans love to try to take shots at the Ravens organization whenever they can. I don’t know if they don’t like us because Flacco has more postseason wins since he came into the league in 2008 than Brady does, or because the Ravens have on multiple occasions knocked them out of the playoffs (could have been one more, thanks Lee Evans), but the Ravens own real estate in the Patriots’ heads, and I love it.

1. Boston Red Sox- There’s nothing like a team going from not winning a World Series in 86 years to suddenly winning one and thinking their the model franchise. Fuck them.



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