How Many Enemas Would You Endure For $1.6 Million? This Guy Endured 3.

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If you learn one lesson from this story, let it be this: don’t get pulled over while driving through Hildalgo County, New Mexico.  Unless you enjoy your asshole being searched for drugs multiple times.  That’s what happened to David Eckert as he drove through Deming, New Mexico, which is in Hildalgo County.  Eckert was pulled over for running a red light and when he acted nervous, they called in the drug sniffing dog.  The dog found a “spot” in the truck, but no drugs.  Eckert was then taken in and a warrant was issued which allowed for a search “to include but not unlimited to his anal cavity”.  That apparently justified 2 digital searches of his rectum, 3 enemas, and a colonoscopy.  They found nothing.  Not the first time, not the second time, not even the sixth time they searched his ass.  Yet despite his new massive asshole, things worked out for ol’ David Eckert. He sued the local authorities and was awarded a cool $1.6 million.  Worth it?  Probably, babes, probably.


Kind of reminds me of this scene from the movie Fletch.  “Using the whole fist, Doc?”


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