How Far Can The O’s Take This Undefeated Start?

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It’s no secret around town here in Baltimore that the O’s have yet to lose a game this season. The offense has been good, the starters have been surprisingly good, and as always, the bullpen and defense have been great. Manny’s a Hall of Famer in the making, and Chris Davis is looking like he’s worth every penny of the 161 milli. All of this, and Adam Jones has yet to be a real contributor. The O’s have taken down all stars like Chris Archer and David Price, and made them look foolish on the mound.

This all needs to be kept in perspective, since it’s only a six game sample, but it’s time to ask, just how far can the O’s go with this streak?


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Tonight the Orioles put Mike Wright out on the mound in Fenway versus Clay Bucholtz. Although we don’t know exactly what we’ll get from Mike Wright, I can confidently predict that we can expect the O’s bats to light up that chump Bucholtz. Clay’s first start of the season was against a lackluster Indian’s offense, when he gave up five runs in four innings pitched (really dicked over my fantasy team). I’ll predict Mike Wright goes 5.1 innings, three earned runs. But I think the O’s have a good shot to put up a 7 or 8 spot against Bucholtz, so I think the O’s have this one tonight. I’ll say 7-5 O’s win.

Wednesday night, Ubaldo Jiminez takes on Joe Kelly and his 21.00 ERA. Although Baldo is a bit of a wild card cause you never know which side of him you’re going to get, outside of David Price the Red Sox do nothing but throw sub par pitching out on the mound every night. And if the O’s can roll Price out of the game early, I think Joe Kelly will be in for a long day. O’s win, 6-2.

The O’s have yet to officially announce a starter for Thursday night, but in all likelihood we’re looking at a Chris Tillman/Cole Hamels duel in Texas. This one will be tough. Cole Hamels is pitching lights out so far in the young season, with a 2.08 ERA, but the O’s have already made front end starters look average, so who knows how they respond to Hamels. It’s a winnable game if Tillman continues dealing, but I wouldn’t lay money either way in this one.

After Hamels, the O’s will face Martin Perez and Colby Lewis on Friday and Saturday, and an unnamed starter on Sunday. Although it’s tough to pick out an individual game the O’s will lose, they won’t make it through the weekend unscathed.

I’m betting the O’s get the sweep in Boston, and then lose one of the first two games against Texas. This would be an 8-0 or a 9-0 start. Not too shabby.





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