How Do We Feel About Red Hot Pedro Alvarez Not Being In Tonight’s Lineup?

Sports and Bets — August 6, 2016 at 7:27 pm by



I’ve never been a question Buck guy, and I never will be. The man has single handedly turned this franchise around. But it seems pretty crazy to think that Pedro Alvarez, who has homered six times in his last five games, is not in the lineup, despite the Orioles facing a lefty tonight in Carlos Rodon.

But when you break down the numbers, Pedro Alvarez is hitting a pathetic .148 on the year against lefties, although he has only been given 27 at bats to prove himself. On top of that, only one of his 18 homers has come against a southpaw.

All this being said, it’s understandable why Alvarez wasn’t given the start tonight. But damn, he’s on another level right now, and as a fan, I want to see him ride it out as long as he can, so I was disappointed to see his name not in the lineup somewhere. But maybe batting against a lefty would throw off his hot streak. All in all, I think Buck made the right call tonight.




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