How About This Sweet Old Lass Who’s Been Caught Hoarding Hundreds Of Dead Cats And Eating Them

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An 85-year-old woman, Lucienne Touboul, in Arizona is currently being investigated for hoarding cats for the fourth time in eight years. She reportedly has a strong history of freezing cats and eating them.

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When deputies got word last week that Lucienne Touboul, 85, was in the hospital and no one was looking after her animals, they went to her home in Wittmann.

Sheriff’s animal crimes detectives served a search warrant Wednesday at her home about 30 miles northwest of Phoenix. Detectives described the place as “in a very bad state,” according to MCSO Lt. Brandon Jones. Cat feces and trash covered the floor, he said. 

Detectives had to continue the investigation in full protective gear, including respirators. Jones said sheriff’s detectives found cats in various states of severe distress, with major communicable disease that could spread to a human.

Detectives have rescued 36 cats from her home this go-round. Last time this occurred in 2012, they seized 60 cats.

In 2010, Touboul had 95 dead cats at her house, some of which were in the freezer, that she said she planned on using for a “feline stew.” In 2007, 70 sick cats were found by detectives at her home.


I’m no mathematician, but between the four incidents this lady’s had with the law, that’s 261 cats she’s been caught with that are sick or dying around her house/in her freezer. How does a human being even have access to that many cats? No doubt in my mind she has a hook up of people giving her tips where there’s a stray cat running around. She’s just so in love with freezing and eating kitties that she just can’t get enough, despite four run ins with the law. Clearly risking jail time is just a small price to pay for her to fulfill her insatiable desire for endless feline stew. This lady’s cats are fucking heroin to her. She wants to quit, but just can’t. She loves the rush. She NEEDS these cats. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’m betting my girl Lucienne is eating cats.

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