Love This Guy Who Kept Pulling His Dick Out In Front Of Babies ‘R’ Us Because The Ladies “Like When He Does That”

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“A Florida man with no concept of women’s tastes was arrested for exposing himself several times outside a Target and a Babies ‘R’ Us. When asked why he was lurking near garbage cans outside big-box stores and taking his dick out, he told officers that ‘he wants to find a lady and they like when he does that.'”

Uh, since when is whipping your dick out in front of children’s stores frowned upon, let alone a crime? Listen, if the ladies like when he does it, why not do it? It’s actually the only thing to do. If ladies like it when you cook for them or buy them flowers, then you’re gonna cook and buy flowers. The ladies happen to like when this guy shows them the D, so he’s sure as shit gonna pull that veiny bastard out behind garbage cans outside of Babies ‘R’ Us so all the bitches can come at him. If his worst crime is being a serial dick flasher to try to appease the women, then I still have his back.

This playboy may have been blue-balled this time, but he’ll be back on top soon. Keep the faith.

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