Hot Reporter Almost Clocked In Noggin During Batting Practice.

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Take me out to the ballgame babes.

Take me out to the ballgame babes.

Kelly Nash works for the Fox Sun Sports Channel and covers the Tampa Bay Rays.  While the Rays were visiting Fenway Ms. Nash figured she’d send her peeps a picture of herself on top the Green Monster.  It was batting practice and Whoa Babes! that was close. 

Sources  I was taking a picture of myself in the seats above the Green Monster during White Sox batting practice,” Nash told Fox Sports Florida.  “Producer Art Dryce had called out ‘heads up!’ a few times while I was taking pictures around the left field section, but none of those balls actually fell close to me, so I took my chances turning my back on batting practice for a picture. “My whole family is from Massachusetts, and I knew they would be so excited to see me working at Fenway Park, and when I went to text them the picture I noticed the baseball by my head!”   

Here’s the pic again, the next time annoying Jim Nantz is in Boston maybe we can get him to stand on the Monster during BP:

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  1. This picture would have been Awesome if she was topless…

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