Hot Auction Alert: Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse With Opening Bid Of $15K

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Here you have it, folks. Approximately 2 miles off of North Shore State Park, you will find the Craighill Channel Lower Range Front Light Station. With a starting bid of $15,000, here is your chance to purchase a lighthouse from an online auction. There is currently zero bidders, with an end date of September 15th.

The adult in me laughs at this and moves on, but the pirate in me sees the potential. You and your lighthouse, just shining your light as confused boaters wonder what the hell is going on. There is a 100% chance this will be an impulsive purchase for someone with disposable cash, and I will 100% support that decision.


GSA Auctions Craighill Channel Lower Range Front Light Station is located in the Chesapeake Bay approximately two miles offshore from North Point State Park at longitude 39.188614, latitude -76.394399.  The historic caisson type light station was first lit in 1873. The cast iron caisson rests upon driven wood piles below the 1.5 story cylindrical keeper quarters with perimeter gallery deck. The cast iron lantern room tops the structure approximately 25 feet above the surface of the water. Bid Here


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