Homeowner Hogties Attempted Burglar

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A burglary suspect got quite the surprise Wednesday morning. Police say Robert Cole tried to break into a home, but ended up hogtied in the front yard. The picture is making its way around the Internet. Police say Cole was bum-rushed and hogtied by the homeowner, after he tried to break in to the house in the 2600 block of East 54th Street North. It all started when the Houston’s heard the glass break outside their daughter’s bedroom around 6 o’clock Wednesday morning. “That folding chair was in her bedroom, shattered glass all over the place, and I said, ‘A raccoon didn’t do that.’ And he was just like, ‘Oh God,'” Houston said. They heard rustling inside the garage and Houston’s husband went to the front door. “And then he waited for him to come out and then he bum-rushed him,” she said. He did more than just bum-rush him–her husband tied Robert Cole’s hands and feet behind his back; hogtied him.[News9]



Defending your land is about as American as you can get, and of course leaving a dude hogtied in your front yard.  The best part, the cops conduct interviews while this guy is still tied up in shame.

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