High School Wrestling Coach Accused Of Having Sex With Wrestler On School Bus

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What a week for promiscuous older women. We’ve had a high school teacher where there was literally a line to wait in to bang her, a lady who got super bombed and super freaky at a bar mitzvah, and now, we’ve been blessed with a wrestling coach that had sex with a wrestler in a school bus. When it rains, it pours, I guess. I know it’s not a profession that’s stocked with gorgeous women, but Megan Baker’s gotta be the hottest wrestling coach of all-time. I’d definitely throw on a singlet and roll around the mat with that broad.


I just wish high school punks would shut the hell up after they hook up with adults. Watch Stop Snitchin’ for once in your life, you simpletons. Nothing good comes from ratting these ladies out. Mike Hawkins knows what I’m talking about. He was trying to act upset in the video, but you know damn well that guy was ecstatic to hear the news. You don’t have flowing locks like that if you’re not a cocksman of the highest order.


via Uproxx & KCTV Kansas City
cover pic: Uproxx

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