Hey Ravens, Run The Damn Ball!!

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I know Gary Kubiak and John Harbaugh hang on every word we type around here. No doubt in my mind.  So I’m going to give our coaching staff some advice before today’s tackle football game versus the Tennessee Titans:  RUN THE DAMN FOOTBALL.

It’s not a difficult philosophy to understand. Running the football has correlated directly to wins for this Ravens football team this season.

Fact: Every time the Ravens have won this season they have attempted at least 30 rushes.  Compare the wins and losses:

Opponent                              Number of Rushing Attempts                             Game Result

Steelers                                                             36                                                                          Win

Browns                                                             33                                                                           Win

Panthers                                                           30                                                                          Win

Bucs                                                                   35                                                                          Win

Falcons                                                              36                                                                          Win

Bengals                                                             26                                                                           Loss

Steelers                                                              18                                                                           Loss

Colts                                                                   15                                                                           Loss

Bengals                                                              20                                                                         Loss


Every single time the Ravens have lost they have given up on the run.  Last week’s debacle in Pittsburgh was a prime example.  Down by twelve in the beginning of the 3rd quarter, the Ravens gave up on the ground attack.  On their first two third quarter possessions, the Ravens threw 11 passes and attempted 3 rushes.  Neither series was effective. And an 11-3 pass/run ratio is hardly balance, and it was hardly time to panic.  Being down 12 with two full quarters of football is no time to forget the running game.  It’s strange that the Ravens do so.  Justin Forsett is fifth in the NFL in rushing and he only carries the rock 12.6 time a game. The running game is effective and the strength of the team.  Giving up on something they do so well makes no sense.

As Toby pointed out in his game preview, the Titans are 29th in the NFL versus the run.  The Ravens have to exploit this and pound the football- even if they somehow fall behind.  Run the ball and stick to it.  It’s an obvious formula for success.



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