Hey Lions, Tuck You! Ravens Win 18-16 Behind 61-Yard Killer.

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If you drive a stick shift, you can find Justin Tucker on the left side of your driver side floor board.  Clutch.  Tucker hit six field goals, one of them being a 61 yard game winner with 38 seconds left.  That’s right, I said it, 61 yards.  This guy is unreal, a true offensive weapon, and tonight, in an ironic twist, our unreal kicker was the MVP of a hard-fought, physical game.


Speaking of physical, the Ravens defense came to play tonight.  After allowing an opening drive touchdown, the D settled in and really put the clamps on the potent Lion attack.  The Ravens forced 3 turnovers and kept the Detroit superstars from making big plays. Calvin Johnson looked a little old in the first half, dropping two passes and managing only 8 yards.  Of course, the receiving great would finish with 98 yards on 6 catches, but those numbers are a definite win for Jimmy Smith and Corey Graham, the two corners who covered Johnson the most.  It was especially satisfying to see Smith match up well with the all-pro.  Smith drew Johnson on most snaps, and the young corner continued to impress with his physicality and man coverage.  He is becoming a special player.

But the D couldn’t quite nail it down late and the Lions took a 16-15 lead with 2:21 remaining.  Enter Joe Cool.  Flacco, banged up, and taped up from a hit to his knee, hit Jacoby Jones for 27 yards on a huge 3rd and 15 play.  Flacco has made so many big throws over the last 6 years, and this bullet to Jones to get the Ravens into Lion territory is another one.  Flacco, and this team, are completely unfazed by any circumstance or outcome.  That starts with Joe, and I think it’s an underrated intangible that he has possessed from day one.  He’s a winner, babes.

The offensive line also is making big strides.  Despite their protection breakdowns in the red zone, overall the line played well.  The Lions have one of the most dominating front fours in the league, and the Ravens held them at bay, allowing only one sack.  The Ravens also managed to run effectively and Ray Rice has demonstrated some his old burst and elusiveness over the last two weeks.  The line is gelling and getting better at the right time.

Props again to the Ravens secondary.  They were physical and tough.  Matt Elam, who talked during the week, got the last laugh with a game sealing pick.  And call me crazy, but Calvin Johnson didn’t want none, babes.  He was getting knocked around good, and his two drops were right over the middle in, “I’m hearing footsteps” land.  He also dropped a crucial 2 point conversion in the fourth quarter.  That fail helped set up the Tucker win kick.  I think the Ravens got to him a bit.  He’ll feel this game tomorrow morning, definitely.

The refs stunk again, calling strange penalties and missing some blatant ones.  But that’s a weekly thing these days.

I would have loved to have seen Ray Rice score on that last run instead on taking a clock killing slide.  It would have given the line a deserved TD run.

D’Angelo Tyson had a tip it to himself pick.  Super sweet babes.

The Lions made some odd coaching decisions, among them not running in a few short yardage situations that ended up as turnovers, and failing to use their time outs during the last Raven possession.  Sure, Matthew Stafford threw a pick on their potential game winning drive, but maybe if he’d of had more time he doesn’t press or over throw that ball.  The Lions lost with all their timeouts left.  Jim, the Swartz is not with you.

This was a huge win for the Ravens.  They now only trail the Bengals by one game with two to go.  Things are shaping up for this Baltimore team.  Tom Brady and his Uggs come to town Sunday.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Stats to chew on:

Matt Elam led the team with 7 tackles and 3 assists.  He also had a pick.

Daryl Smith had a pick and the Ravens only sack.

Jacoby Jones caught 6 balls for 80 yards, including the huge catch on the final drive.

The Ravens did not turn the ball over.

Joe was 20-38 for 222 yards.  Winner.

Tucker’s kick was the longest ever inside a domed stadium.

Let’s Go Ravens!


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  1. With the timeout thing. Is it worse to waste them on being unprepared or keep them in your pocket at the end? He got stuck with all 3 timeouts cause Stafford threw the pick.

  2. Jones is getting better and better at the Wide Out position. Really starting to catch with his hands and go after the ball. It is good to see.

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