Hey, Here’s My Realistic Response To Cam Newton’s Postgame Reaction

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Look, I don’t love what Cam Newton did after Super Bowl 50. He’s the starting quarterback for the second best team in the country, was glorified as the best quarterback in the country by some people, and was the league’s MVP. What Cam Newton did after the game on Sunday night isn’t to be commended. But it isn’t to be a career defining moment either, in my opinion. He walked off the stage after barely answering any questions, but I honestly don’t care. Cam’s been criticized for being too emotional all season, dabbing the fuck out of the world all season long, and again for being too emotional after the game.

I like Cam being himself. I think overall, Cam’s a good dude. Sure he may have some pity parties after losses, and he may sometimes be a total pain in the ass, but to be honest, it’s just not a big deal. It really isn’t. When Cam first got to the NFL, I was a critic. I didn’t like him acting like an a-hole after games. I didn’t like the cockiness. But now that I’ve seen all the good Cam’s done, I just don’t care about his faults. I really don’t. He influences people in the right way most of the time, and I’ve become somewhat of a fan. Should Cam have acted differently after losing the Super Bowl? Absolutely. Does it bother me how he acted? Absolutely not. Losing the biggest game he’ll ever play in is emotional, and I can’t blame him for being upset.

Cam Newton is the man. He has swagger, he has courage, and he has class (not all the time, but enough for me to not give a shit about when he doesn’t). And if Cam will positively influence young people by doing simple things like giving game balls to kids, I’m fine with him.

I love the way Cam has stayed true to his personality, and although it may not win him a championship, it’s who he is. Give me more Cam Newton. I have no problem with the guy. He’s turned me from a doubter into a believer. Keep being you, Cam.






Disagree. It just doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. The guy was upset about the biggest loss of his career. I’m alright with it.




PS- I bet on the Broncos covering the spread. SMA.




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