Hey Big Papi, F@#!k You!

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If there was any Red Sox who I could have had a smidgen of love for, it was Big Papi.  He displays a great love for the game, he makes great speeches after national tragedies, and he exhibits great charisma off the field.  But after last night, that smidgen has disappeared.  You all know what happened.  Papi showed up Oriole pitcher Jairo Asencio by stepping out of the batter’s box before Asencio finished delivering a 3-0 pitch, as if to say Jairo had no chance of throwing a strike.  The pitch was high, but home plate umpire Tim Timmons called it a strike.  Timmons may have called it because Papi was showing up Asencio, of he may have just missed the call.  Papi eventually struck out swinging.  He then proceeded to lose his mind and smash a phone with a bat in the dugout.  I appreciate a good moment of anger as much as the next guy, but the phone isn’t the issue, the showing up of our young pitcher is.  So smash all the phones you want Papi, just don’t show up our young players.  Have some respect, you’re supposed to be an elder statesman for this beautiful game.  So Fuck You, Big Papi, Fuck You.

It is a great tirade though…..

And remember, this isn’t the first time we’ve had an issue with Big Papi, just ask Kevin Gregg.

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