Hey Belichick, Your Tight End’s a Douche!

Entertainment — February 5, 2013 at 3:53 pm by

How many Red Bull and Vodkas does it take to make an injury prone, non-Super Bowl winning, Patriot tight end to play Magic Mike patty cake with his buddies?  Probably none, but I’m sure Rob Gronkowski had his share of Grey Goose and sugar-free Red bulls when he made a complete jackass of himself in Vegas.  I’m sure Mr. Kraft is glad they weren’t serving Red Bull and Vodkas in the owner’s box during the AFC Championship game.  Maybe Gronk would have drowned his sorrows in the lively concoction and showed Mr. Kraft his shirtless wrestling moves.  Imagine the owner of the Patriots in the “Cobra Clutch”.  I know that 10 years ago, when the Patriots actually won championships, the team leaders would have stomped a mud-hole in Gronk’s ass for this type of crap.  What a great way to thank the Patriot’s front office for giving you a $54 million dollar contract. ” Let’s fake wrestle wasted.  It’s all good, I got my twice broken arm in a nylon sleeve! ”  Bottom line is this guy just sucks.



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