Hey Babes, It’s Time To Talk Insurance and Workforce Concepts

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You may have noticed the ad we have on our site for Workforce Concepts, a local insurance brokerage.  As their name suggests, they do insurance work for small companies and big businesses alike.  But they also do insurance work for individuals.  Sure, insurance is boring as hell and Workforce Concepts is a new local brokerage that doesn’t have some duck or lizard pimping their wares, but that shouldn’t matter to you.  What should matter is that these guys can save you cash on your auto or homeowners insurance because they know Maryland and they know how to work for their fellow Marylanders.  If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t be blogging it.  And in fact, I’ve got a true and real-life example:
My close friend has a wife and a teenage daughter and after speaking with him about life in general, I found out that he also had a massive car insurance bill.  $370/month to be exact.  Dumb teenage driver or not, 370 every 30 days is freaking outrageous.  I told him about our friends over at Workforce Concepts and referred him to the illustrious Chris Compton Jr.  My friend called Chris at Workforce and I later found out that Workforce Concepts was able to save him over $75 a month. That’s real cash that can be used for beer, gambling, groceries, or even savings.  And that lizard can stick it where the sun don’t shine, babes, that’s way more than the lousy 15% that they advertise.
Oh, and Workforce Concepts also personally saved me some cash on my homeowner’s insurance.
So give Workforce Concepts a call at 410-955-.0506.  Or email them at clientservices@workforceconcepts-us.com.  They’ll be happy to hook you up with some savings, babes.

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