Here’s 5 Of The Hottest Celebrity Instagram Pictures From This Week, To Make Your Friday Even Better

Entertainment — September 5, 2014 at 1:00 pm by

I mean, it’s Friday, and as the weekend approaches, what could be better than some great rear ends? Instagram is a way of life, and these ladies are living. This is the standard you should set for yourself as you go out on the town looking for some tail tonight. And if you can’t find it, at least you have these pictures…

Ariana Grande: Before singing the National Anthem last night, she did Baltimore’s greatest song proud.


Aubrey O’Day: Relaxing watching some Thursday Night Football.


Chanel West Coast: The Fantasy Factory receptionist turned rapper was enjoying a nice Labor Day in the sun.


Rihanna: She had a whole series of this photo shoot, and I guess I landed on this one being the hottest. Hip and side boob.


Kim Kardashian: I’m sorry, I just hate giving her this much credit, i really do, but this just can’t be overlooked at number one.

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