“Hefty Lefty” Jared Lorenzen Is Still Chucking The Rock

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Former University of Kentucky phenom and former New York Giant quarterback Jared Lorenzen is still playing football these days.  Lorenzen was nicknamed the “hefty lefty” because he’s left-handed and, well, because he’s fat.  He now plays for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters in some arena league.  You gotta love the fact that he’s still playing for the love of the game.  Plus, Lorenzen gives fat guys everywhere hope that they too can play quarterback and not just be steered, unkindly mind you, toward being the best offensive linemen they can be.  ‘Cause that’s where most fat kids go, the offensive line.

Looks like he’s kept in shape:

And he’s still got skills.  Damn nimble for a 320 pound man.

Keep up the good work Jared, we’ll all be tuning in.

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