Hawaiian Kid Is Oblivious To The Fact That He Is Singing ‘One Day’ Along Side Of Matisyahu

Entertainment — August 2, 2016 at 5:59 pm by

This right here is the payoff for any musician, that will play anytime, anywhere. While playing ‘One Day,’ at a Hawaiian coffee shop, this kid had some backup vocals. Unbeknownst to the ukulele player, Matisyahu was singing with him. He might slowly be turning into Jack Johnson, so you can’t blame the kid for being oblivious.

  Stu Brooks This was rad. This kid started singing Matisyahu’s “One day” and didn’t know that the artist was right in front of him. Watch the reveal at the end. He still didn’t believe it was him and it took a second for it all to sink in. Loved this moment. #matisyahu #hawaii #oneday #paia #maui

Matisyahu was in town for a music festival, and by the looks of it, he needed a break from shredding the waves. I originally assumed this kid knew who it was all along, but this isn’t the Matisyahu I recall. So most likely, this dude was irritated with this fella jumping in on his song. You never steal a Hawaiian bro’s wave, and you never chime in on a ukulele player. Only exception: You wrote the song.

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