Harford County 81 Year Old Grandmom Locked Up For Loose Dogs. Now We’re Safe

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The long blind tentacle of the law has struck again. Mary Root, 81, of Havre de Grace, was arrested Tuesday for failure to appear in court. Apparently, Root’s dogs were getting loose and running amuck through her neighborhood. According to Root’s family, a letter from her doctor was sent to the court prior to the hearing in an attempt to explain her absence for health reasons, but the judge ruled the information the letter contained insufficient. The elderly woman’s family is devastated by her arrest, ” Who throws an 81-year-old in jail with no bond that’s not a criminal? I  mean, she has no history of anything. The woman has never smoked, drank, barely  cusses — you’ve got to really get her on that one. I mean, she’s a good Christian woman who helps everybody.”

But wait, who could be the knight in shining armor that is saving us innocent Harford county townsfolk from this silver headed 81-year-old monster? Over half of our readers do know the swift justice that we speak of.  If you do not live in Harford County or know who we speak of, we will give you a brief look at this  judge. After her breakfast of puppies and rainbows she steps onto the Harford county court bench and turns a 17-year-old caught with a gram of weed into Tony Montana and levies maximum fines and time.  In this particular case an ill and elderly woman gets taken to jail for not appearing in court due to obvious health reasons. After a day of cleaning the streets of Harford county’s elderly felons our fearless judge retires to her fortress of doom. The tyranny of Judge Coop is all encompassing for all you law breakers out there;  you never know when she will be creeping up behind your car to make sure you are using your blinkers correctly, because if not she will feast on any dream you think you might have.  All you will be left with is a zero in your account while you rot in a cage in a basement.

The stern judge, Mimi Cooper, thought she would revise the conditions of the bond to $2,500. I mean you can really only be so lenient with a criminal of this caliber. As usual, it is tough to know for sure all the details of the situation, but to order no animals allowed on the premises is just absurd. Assuming the animals are in good health, this is the top 3 worst things you can do to the elderly. Without doubt, I can say my grandmother would have pulled her Chihuahua from a burning building over her grandchildren, 9 times out of 10.

The elusive leader of wild loose dogs in question…


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