Harbaugh Confirms OC Marty Mornhinweg Will Be Back Next Season

Sports and Bets — January 4, 2018 at 12:27 pm by


Justifiably so, the Ravens offense came under a lot of scrutiny this year, specifically Marty Mornhinweg’s play calling. But today John Harbaugh confirmed that Marty will be back next year in the same role.





The play calling this year was absolutely atrocious at times this year, there’s no doubt about that. So bad that most fans have been calling for Marty’s firing since last offseason. But the offense was significantly better in the second half of the season than it was the first, and hopefully the 2018 offense can build on that. Even the best offensive coordinator would have a hard time taking the lack of talent the Ravens have and turning them into anything more than just ordinary. And if there’s one thing the Ravens have been consistent at offensively over Flacco’s tenure, it’s inconsistency at offensive coordinator, so maybe retaining Marty for another year will allow the offense to gel enough to become serviceable.

But much more important than play calling, is the talent level. The Ravens offense is so lacking in talent it’s actually kind of incredible they were as successful as they were in the second half of 2017. When you look at the roster, all you see is backup level talent. It’s up to Ozzie now, and anything short of the Ravens finding starting caliber talent on the offensive side of the ball through the first few rounds of the draft and through free agency would be a failure.

If the Ravens miss the playoffs again next season, you can bet your ass there will be changes at a lot of coaching positions, and probably even the head coach.



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