Harbaugh Calls Interception Play The “All-Time Worst Call Ever”

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CSN Atlantic“Ravens coach John Harbaugh did not hold back, when asked what he thought of offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s play call that led to Joe Flacco’s fourth-quarter interception Sunday.

“All-time worst call ever,” said Harbaugh, after the Ravens barely held on to beat the Eagles, 27-26. “I’ll take responsibility for it. I should have vetoed it right away. I like an aggressive mindset, but that was way too aggressive. It’s the worst play call we’ve had, and it’s my fault. “

Harbaugh took the blame, but Mornhinweg made the call.”



It was a terrible call, and a terrible way to end the game, with the exception of the 2-point-conversion play to seal the victory. And I’m glad Harbaugh recognizes that that was a terrible call, and can admit it. And maybe Harbaugh should have vetoed it, but at the end of the day, Monhinweg should have never called that play, and everyone knows it. And I’m also sick of the Ravens telling us after the games what they did wrong, and never fixing it. It seems like it happens every game. They screw something up, (ie the run/pass balance everyone’s been harping on all season, or the unbelievable amount of check down passes), but never seem to get it right the next time, albeit today the offense was much more balanced than usual. Hopefully the Ravens do what needs to be done and find a permanent offensive coordinator next season.



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