Puff, Puff, Give! Happy Weed Day To All You Stoners Out There

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It’s 4/20, the unofficial holiday of the ganja.  There are plenty of myths and legends surrounding where and how 4/20 began, but the most popular and accepted story is the one of the Waldos in San Rafael, California.  The Waldos were called the Waldos because they hung out by a wall outside of San Rafael High School.  And “High” School it was for the Waldos, who puffed their way around the area  looking for a local grown crop of marijuana plants. The term 420 came about because that was the time the Waldo gang  was to meet to begin their search for the elusive free smoke.  The crop was never found by the Waldos, who later admitted that they were very stoned every time they searched for the crop.  I guess that’s why they call it dope.

But history lesson aside, roll one up today and enjoy a toke in the spirit of Bob Marley.  Blunt, bowl, bong or spliff are all accepted forms of celebration, just remember babes, don’t Bogart and pass it to the left.

The Waldos, originators of the term 420.  Yeah Brah!

The Waldos, originators of the term 420. Yeah Brah!

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