Handicapped Kid Sends Diss Letter To Kanye, And It’s Awesome

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Here’s the letter, written from someone who uses a wheelchair, as a reaction to Kanye West’s rant about people who are handicapped not standing. It’s basically everything everyone in the world wants to say.

To the esteemed Kanye West:

I wanted to sincerely thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the strength and character you showed at your concert in Sydney. You are a consummate performer who just needed to put those lazy, unappreciative fans in their place. You are an intelligent man so you obviously deserved to ask them for proof of their alleged disability. I mean who wouldn’t call a security detail on the delinquent concert-goers to verify their disability status?

As you and your wife attest, this is just a catastrophe created by the media. They have pretty much outlined exactly what happened verbatim, and truthfully portrayed your pompous attitude in all its glory, but I know they somehow made this all up. Your unabashed offensiveness victimized two people, but clearly, you are the victim in all of this! Like you said, you are just a target; you did nothing wrong! There is no video that clearly shows you totally humiliating and patronizing two of your loyal fans, while a whole entire stadium laughs at and taunts them. Oh wait…there are numerous videos that show exactly that. In fact, media outlets like E! News and MTV News have euphemistically portrayed this as an “awkward moment ” or “misunderstanding.” So wait, the media has actually been much nicer to you than the ugly truth of the video. Mr. West, with all due respect, I don’t think this argument is working anymore.

Let me try another angle. When those two fans refused to stand up for one of your earth-shattering, mind-blowing performances, they gave up their human right to be treated with respect — who cares if they physically couldn’t stand. I mean you did show in your attitude and the fans’ reactions in the the video that people who are in wheelchairs and “get special parking and s**t” are definitely things to laugh and joke about. Yes, you singled out and publicly shamed those two people in front of the entire world solely based on their outward appearance. You probably discriminated against those people more than you’ve ever been discriminated against in your entire life, but who cares, right? If it was discrimination based on race or ethnicity, you would definitely apologize. But do you care about the feelings of the over three million Americans in wheelchairs whose hearts hurt after seeing that video? No! Disabled people obviously don’t deserve to be treated with an equal amount of respect and dignity as your able-bodied fans. Thank you so much for showing us this unforgettable lesson, and for using your voice to spread this poisonous insensitivity to the world! No one man should have all that power, but unfortunately, you do.

By the way, I’m in a wheelchair and though I can stand, I wouldn’t waste even half a breath of energy standing up for you.


Harshada Rajani

p.s. Apologize. A generous donation to the disability charity of your choice will be expected at your earliest convenience.

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  1. Why does the public support and like BAD guys like him and Brown? I am clearly the one with a problem. These albums are on the top of the charts and always on iTunes.

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