Haloti Ngata Testing Positive For PEDs Is About As Surprising As The Sun Rising In The Morning

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Funny how everybody was all shocked about Haloti Ngata testing positive for PEDs. Some were shocked because Ngata is supposedly a stand-up guy and he doesn’t seem like the type of athlete that would try to enhance his performance via the drug route; and some were shocked simply by the sheer stupidity of Ngata supposedly popping Adderall, Chris Davis style.  But not me.  Nothing like this surprises me anymore.  In fact, I’m to the point with all this PED crap that I think a majority of pro athletes, at some point in their career, have used a substance to gain an advantage.  Whether that’s using ‘roids to gain an advantage in the weight room, or using ‘roids to gain an advantage as far as healing from an injury goes, or using Adderall to focus and maintain energy- my guess is that at least 70% of pro athletes have jacked on the PEDs.  In football, my guess is that number is even higher.  Of course, I have zero data or facts to base this on, it’s just a gut feeling.  But think about it, in the NFL practically every dude is a physical and athletic freak.  Players are bigger and faster than ever. There’s so much money and fame on the line that guys have got to be willing to do whatever it takes to get bigger and faster than the other dudes trying to go pro.  Doing PEDs as some point to gain an edge just makes too much sense.  And with injuries such a factor in the NFL and with the pressure to return to the field as soon as possible so high, guys have got to be juicing to get back as fast as they get back, don’t they??  Major injuries like ACL tears and Achilles tears used to cost guys at least a year of playing time.  Now suddenly guys  are coming back and playing after major reconstructive surgeries in 7-9 months.  I just don’t believe they aren’t using and getting back that quickly.

Worse yet, I don’t even know if I believe Ngata when he says he was popped for simply using Adderall.  The NFL is not allowed to release the name of the substance that a positive player is suspended for.  They can only say that the player was suspended for a PED violation.  Adderall is just the lesser of all evils to “admit” to.  Half the world seems to have used Adderall at some point, all the crazy kids are doing it; and it’s easier to tell everyone you got popped for taking a substance that helps you focus and maintain high energy levels, than it is to admit that you got caught taking something that will help you squat a goddamn Nissan Altima.  Most people can relate to losing focus and having a lack of energy, they can’t relate to strength cheating.  Adderall makes forgiveness from the public much easier to obtain.

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And I’m not saying that Ngata used steroids and I’m not saying that I have proof that every NFL player is a roided out freak.  It just seems that now we’ve reached the point in this PED game, that as fans, to think that any one player hasn’t done them is simply naïve.   Lots of athletes use PEDs, even the ones we root for and like. That’s why when dudes get suspended, I’m not surprised, no matter who they are.

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And I don’t even think I care anymore.  If Haloti Ngata needed Adderall to help him focus, then so be it.  And if any player on any team juiced or did  human growth hormones so they could get to the NFL and entertain my fat ass every fall and winter, then so be it.  It’s an extremely rough and demanding game.  If a guy needs an edge and is willing to risk his own health and future to get that edge so he can entertain me, then who the hell am I to judge?  It’s just sucks that Ngata got caught when the Ravens needed him the most this season.



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