Gynecologist Found Deer Tongue In Grossest Woman Alive’s Vagina After She Pleasured Herself With It

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A woman from Little Rock, Arkansas recently went to the hospital because she had been smelling a foul odor coming from the discharge from her vagina. The doctor gave her a routine exam, and her tests came back negative. The doctor didn’t seem to think there was anything to worry about, until he got the results of her pap smear, in which the cells that were tested were found to be not human. There was no conclusion on what sort of species the cells came from, and the doctor had this to say:

“During the exam, I was utterly shocked with what I had found. Never in my 33 years of practice have I seen anything like this. What I removed from the woman, looked like a long tongue, but certainly not a human tongue. Then, what she admitted to her husband after the exam, was even more disturbing.”

The woman’s husband had been on a hunting trip a few days prior, and came back and gutted the deer. The woman admitted to him that when she saw the length of the deer’s tongue, she was impressed, and decided to pleasure herself with it. She claimed she didn’t remember leaving it in her vagina.

You may think this woman sounds crazy for pleasuring herself with a deer tongue, but she probably thinks you’re boring for sticking to a bottle of Jergens and a tube sock, so to each his own. I am however concerned with her lack of awareness for what she leaves in her vagina though. If she can forget about a deer tongue being up there, I have to wonder what’s in the darkest depths of that vaginal canal. Her husband should really take a long look in the mirror if she’d rather dildo herself with a decaying deer tongue than his penis.

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  1. What kind of a doctor can examine a vaginal cavity and perform a Pap smear without noticing a deer tongue wedged up there? Totally bogus……

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