Guy’s Office Was Getting Laid Off, So He Made A Dunk Video Set To The ‘Space Jam’ Theme Song

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I love this guy’s attitude. The way I see it, you have two options when your office is getting shut down and everyone is getting laid off. Option one is to throw a pity party and mope around like a sad sack. Option two is to get a kid’s hoop from Toys “R” Us and film a dunk montage. It’s clear to see that our man made the right choice. When life gives you lemons, throw down ferocious windmill dunks. My only criticism of the video is his song choice. Not only was that a bootleg version of “Space Jam,” true aficionados of the Space Jam soundtrack know that “Hit ‘Em High” was clearly the best song on the album. That song is still a certified banger to this day.

via Reddit

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