Guy Tries To Rappel Down Balcony, Takes Brutal Fall

Humor — March 18, 2015 at 8:06 pm by

Yesterday, we had some kid fall from an escalator while hanging on to his buddy. Today, we’ve got Sly Stallone busting his ass while trying to rappel down a balcony. God damn, fellas, let’s pump the breaks a little. There are much safer ways to get yourself from point A to point B than this nonsense. How the hell did they possibly think that flimsy rope was going to get the job done anyway? I’ve seen Twizzlers thicker than that damn thing. Plus, everyone knows that all you have to do to rappel down a couple stories is tie some bed sheets together. That’s day one espionage stuff. Sorry about your spine, bro. Hope you at least got to enjoy another quick puff on that cig during your terrifying tumble.

via Reddit

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