Guy Takes Painful Trip To Hospital To Get Rid Of 17-Hour Erection

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Last Friday, 23-year-old Jason Garnett from North Yorkshire, UK, woke up with a smile on his face and a boner in his trousers. Garnett had sex with a friend the previous night, and didn’t think much of his seemingly normal case of morning wood. As the day wore on, however, Garnett realized that this wasn’t an ordinary stiffy. Eight hours, an ice bath, and a jog later, Garnett decided to go to the hospital. Garnett was diagnosed with priapism, a rare condition where erections don’t go away despite a lack of any sexual desire or simulation. If untreated, it can cause permanent damage to the penis. Doctors had to drain two pints of blood from his dong, and inject him with 24 rounds of medication to finally return him to a flaccid state. Garnett said that, “Seeing them stab my penis with a needle was a horrible experience — like something out of a horror film. The pain was a 10 out of 10.” After 17 hours with an unwanted erection, Garnett’s penis is more or less good as new. “It is completely normal now, apart from the fact that it looks like it’s been through a war. It’s all a bit black and blue,” Garnett said


That sounds like the worst day of all-time. If I were Jason, I think I would have just asked the docs to put me out of my misery before taking that many needles to my pork sword. While I feel terrible for all the pain that Jason had to endure, I really question some of the decisions that he made during this awful ordeal. He said that he had sex the night before, so why wasn’t his first move calling his friend with benefits? I definitely would have tried to get rounds 2, 3, 4, etc. in before doing the dumb shit that he tried. Taking an ice bath? Fuck that noise. Who wants pneumonia to go along with an unrelenting hard on? Going for a jog? That’s just reckless. It’s pretty much the same as running with scissors. No telling what kind of harm you could cause to yourself or others. Next time, use your head and your dick head, Jason.

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