Guy Takes Casual Stroll Totally Naked Into Subway Station And Goes About His Day

Humor, News — March 31, 2017 at 2:49 pm by


Shanghaiist– “Recently, a completely naked man was spotted trying to buy a ticket inside a Nanning Metro station.

Surveillance camera footage shows the nude man nonchalantly walking up to a ticket machine in the Guangxi University Station, and beginning to input his destination like nothing is amiss, as startled fellow commuters quickly flee the scene.

Unfortunately, it seems that the man must have forgot his money in his pants, and was unable to buy a ticket.”




It’s not hard to see why it’s fun to be naked. You don’t have to worry about matching your clothes or wearing something that hasn’t gone out of style, but most importantly you can let your¬†dick and ass cheeks breathe.¬†Humans spend way too much time with their clothes on, and not enough time free balling it. So I’m team nude guy here. Wake up, don’t spend any time getting ready, walk out of the house hanging brain and give the day hell. This guy lives the life.


Check out the video here:

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