Guy Pays The Price For Trying To Rob A Female MMA Fighter

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Two scumbags tried to rob MMA strawweight Monique Bastos while she was heading to a gym in Acailandia, Brzail. It’s been reported that one of them was able to escape with Bastos’ phone, but 18-year-old Wesley Araujo was clearly not as lucky. As if it’s not embarrassing enough to get your ass kicked by a girl, Bastos held him in a choke hold for 15 minutes while he cried like a little bitch. Here’s a translation of what Araujo was whining about from Reddit user 1Ender:

“Dad, Dad, I’m going to my dad. Call the police, father. Help! Help! Help, Jesus. Please, I did not rob. Why would I do this? Help. Help. Look at my wallet. Help. Help. Sir, help me. Please don’t show my card. This was the first time. She’s choking me. Where’s my mom? Aie, Aie, Aie. Help! Help! Please, I need my wallet. No, I did not rob anything, no.” Everyone else was basically saying variations of “Yes, you did.”

Talk about getting totally emasculated. Maybe stick to robbing infants and handicapped senior citizens in the future, tough guy. Police arrived on the scene and arrested Araujo, who I’m sure will be da belle of da ball in the slammer.

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