Guy Made The Most Annoying Video Ever Of Himself Locked In An LA Fitness Gym And It’s So Annoying It’s Going Viral

Entertainment — August 24, 2015 at 11:56 pm by


I’m literally so annoyed by this guy that I couldn’t even help but watching the rest of his video. I mean that has to be the reason it’s going viral right? Cause it’s too annoying to stop watching? Anyone who wears an extra low cut wife beater to LA Fitness deserves to be locked in there. Fact. And the fact that he’s making his little excursion to LA Fitness sound like he’sĀ been on the world’s craziest adventureĀ is just driving me crazy. You got locked in a gym designed for old ladies GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Mother fucker. Can’t stand this guy. But God I hope he makes more of these videos cause it’s just so fucking annoying that I’m thoroughly entertained. Damnit.

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