Guy Gets Called Out For Wearing Fake Army Uniform…In Order To Get Black Friday Deals

Entertainment — December 1, 2014 at 12:28 pm by

Talk about awkward. This is just uncomfortable to watch, this fraud thought he was prepared for every possible zinger that would come his way. I understand the Black Friday savings are a thing of beauty, but F this guy. The guy with the camera deserves a pat on the back for calling this dude out, and I absolutely love how fired up he gets by the end of the video. The ‘fake phone call,’ move to get out of a pickle was surprisingly a bust, this time…

YouTube description

A former Infantryman from Easy Co 2/506 101st sent us this video of him calling out a fake Ranger at a local mall. This guy couldn’t answer basic questions that he should’ve known, he was wearing a CIB with three stars and tried to say he got them all for Iraq and Afghanistan, not possible as you can only get one for both campaigns. I’m guessing he was trying his hand at some discounts. Visit us on Facebook at /Stolenvalor and on the web at

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