Guy Eats It Trying To Dunk Over Car

Humor, Sports and Bets — March 26, 2015 at 6:27 pm by

Ouch, just watching that first attempt makes my right knee hurt. He’s lucky he didn’t break that thing into a million pieces. I respect the hell out of Lloyd Hickinson for dusting himself off and throwing it down on the second try. I love that persistence, and I really love the pageantry of the Golden Chihuahua All-Star Game. Yes, that’s the real name, and yes, it’s the greatest name for a sporting event of all-time. All these years I’ve been trying to figure out what the NBA Dunk Contest needs to restore it back to its glory years. Now, it’s finally crystal clear: Pyrotechnics coming out of the backboards. Forget getting LeBron to participate, you put some sparklers on the glass and you’ll put asses in the seats.

Also, this is reason #532 why Blake Griffin dunking over a car is one of the most overrated dunks ever. If some guy named Lloyd Hickinson from a Mexican league can do your dunk, your dunk ain’t that fucking difficult. Pinpointing Griffin’s race, though? That’s a daunting task.

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