Guaranteeing A Win Then Scoring Zero Points Was A Good Look For Daxter Miles, Jr.

Sports and Bets — March 27, 2015 at 12:24 am by

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Probably not the best idea to talk shit to a team, then show up and score zero points while they double your score. ZERO. Fuck boy couldn’t even hit a free throw. This guy’s best play of the night was a defensive rebound.

Everyone’s been telling me the same thing would have happened to Maryland if they played, and they may be right. But the difference is the Terps wouldn’t have had some slap dick freshman guarantee a win and show up and not hit a bucket. I’m pretty embarrassed that this guy’s from Baltimore. He’s making the whole city look bad.

I’m sure the Huggins girls are proud and doing well.


These are good stats, right?

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