Greek Parliament Members Caught Sniffing Female’s Clothing Because They’re Old And Gross

Humor — December 23, 2014 at 1:18 pm by

Grigoris Psarianos, you sly dog, you! Wait till your fellow MP takes off her outer layer and heads to the bathroom, then sniff that puppy like there’s no tomorrow. Love it. What a dirty old perv. Sexual harassment in the work place at its finest. But how can anyone get mad at this? It’s so disgusting, and so creepy, but if you’re desperate enough to smell the scent of a woman that you’re creeping around sniffing the jacket she took off, I think we need to give this one a pass. Go home and wail away on yourself like there’s no tomorrow, Mr. Psarianos, and keep the scent of this fine vixen at the front of your memory.

perv perv2 perv3


And here’s the fine ass woman who’s odors were sniffed out.


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