Great White Circles Boat 6 Miles Off OCMD Coast

Outdoors — August 14, 2014 at 1:44 pm by

Shark Week has become complete hogwash, so you gotta love some amateur Great White action in our own backyard. Six miles offshore seems like a safe distance, but really just a hop and a skip for Jaws when you think about it. According to the crew, the shark circled the boat for an hour eventually gnawing at the motor. Not exactly the shark story you’ve imagined, if this is in fact the infamous Great White…

YouTube This 13-15 foot great white was found only 6 miles from the beach while shark fishing at Ocean City, Maryland. It circled the boat for about an hour long. The footage has been cut down to some of the best clips we got. The shark bit at the engine and the boat hull multiple times until it finally located the chum bag and ate it whole. We then fed the shark a yellowfin tuna carcass as well and it went on its way. Incredible experience


via cnn


  1. It is rare for a great white to be found in these waters. Was the latitude and longitude of the area recorded and sent to the nearest Coast Guard or Marine Patrol station for official documentation and possible study by marine biologists?

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