Grading The Chode’s Pre Season Orioles Predictions

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Before the Orioles post season officially gets under way, let’s grade The Chodes’s Orioles pre-season predictions made in late March.

Preseason Predictions


1) Manny will be Manny: Incomplete 

I had Manny Machado slated to keep up his batting average and defense while adding more power and Home runs this season. We’ll never know how right I may have been. Manny only made it on the field for 82 games this years. His batting average and defense certainly didn’t slack, but he managed to hit 12 home runs where in over 150 games last season he only had 14.


2) Jonathan Schoop will OWN the Second Base position: B

Everyone knows that Schoop is my boy. I  had a lot of faith in him pre season, and still do. His batting average isn’t impressive. But over  137 games this season, he’s played phenomenal defense in addition to hitting 16 home runs. Johnny “Baseball” Schoop is going to really make a name for himself this October when one of those home runs wins the Orioles a playoff game.


” Oh yeah, did I mention Schoop is a Yankee killer!”


3) Kevin Gausman= Stud: C

I predicted Gausman to be a top of the rotation guy by the end of the year. Kevin isn’t going to get a start in the ALDS, so I can’t say I was exactly right on this one. I also don’t think I was completely off though. Kevin pitched over 110 innings for the Orioles this season to an ERA of 3.57. The Baltimore starters have been lights-out lately, but an ERA of 3.57 is still a pretty damn good stat line. Gausmann certainly was a big part of the Orioles’ success this year.


4) There will be an “Orange October”: A

Here we are. Enough said.



5) Orioles Record : A

93-69 and the Orioles win the AL East was the prediction, so the Orioles beat my win total by three games. But one thing I nailed, was that for the first time since 1997, the Orioles would win the American League East.


chode cover

6) Markakis Bounces back in a big way: A

Markakis at the end of 2013 wasn’t his strongest, but as I told fans before this season there was no reason to worry about Nicky. Markakis is now, just as always, the backbone of the Baltimore Orioles. All season Nick has played spectacular defense with a strong arm, and he had an on base percentage of .342 coming out of the lead-off spot. Day in and day out this season, Markakis played the game with heart and hustle while doing all the small things that helped the Orioles win that AL East Crown. Now Markakis, for the first time in his career, will be able to what he does so well  for the Orioles in a postseason game.



7) Chris Davis, unfortunately, won’t drop 53 HRs again: B

Those of you who thought Davis could recreate his 2013 magic quickly found out that wasn’t possible. In under 130 games Davis still hit 26 home runs, but his batting average was well below acceptable, and his season was cut short by a positive Adderall test.  (Actually, two Adderall tests.)

All in all being a shameless homer paid off for me, The Chode.  I now predict a championship for our beloved Birds.

Let’s Go O’s!


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